Monday, May 24, 2010

Example 4.

Artist: Penny Snars

Country: Australia

Artist Comments:

Between semesters of study in Glasgow and Sydney, I was fortunate to be able to travel around, visiting various zoos along the way. These are some photographic sketches, which I have collected during my travels overseas and Australia.

I am fascinated by the behaviour of animals, their actions and how they act.

However, when I photograph animals, I feel this is partially lost, and I become intrigued by the patterns in their flesh, the way it moves and its textures.

Image 1: Munich Zoo, Munich, Germany, 2008. This photograph is a portrait of a Rhino, which was kept in a cement enclosure, with minimal space. It was winter and they kept this massive creature indoors where the temperature was more suitable.

Image 2, Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia, 2009 This crocodile was sunbaking, half immersed in the water. She barely moved except for the occasional breath.

Image 3, London Zoo, London, United Kingdom, 2008 This porcupine had the most beautiful spines. It wandered the perimeter of its enclosure, slowly and methodically.

Image 4, Dubbo Zoo, Dubbo, Australia, 2009 This tortoise was in the company of its partner. They sat together in the remnants of afternoon sun.

More about Penny Snars (LINK)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Example 3.

Artist Name: George Plionis

Country: Australia

Artist Statement:

I challenge myself as a designer to view the world with inquiring eyes, and to adapt to and capture a moment in and ever-changing world. To be in the moment and to notice the simplicity in life, and recognise it with all its complexity is inspirational.

Image 1: We are all put on this earth to witness each other’s existence.
Photo: Tim Laman

Image 2: A couple came to me requesting wedding rings. They had met two months earlier. They were eloping to New York City in three weeks.

Photo: Studio Go – Josh Evans

Image 3: To push through fear is a life worth living. I have been given a chance to live in NYC. To view my life and know I had never accepted the challenge would be truly devastating.

Photo: George Plionis

Image 4: Being in the moment and seeing the world breathe is inspiring. This organic composition was largely informed by my fascination with the ocean and the life we can only glimpse.

Photo: Riccardo Abate

More on George Plionis (LINK)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Example 2.

Artists Name: Tassia Joannides

Country: Australia

Artist Bio/statement (max 200 words):

Tassia Joannides received her Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours from Monash University in Melbourne before moving to Adelaide to work in the Metal Studio at JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design. After four years living and working interstate Tassia returned to Melbourne to continue her practice. She regularly exhibits her jewellery and sculptures both nationally and overseas, recently travelling with her work to exhibitions in Japan, Germany and the USA.

Tassia sees her practice as an investigation of form and how it can interact sensitively with the body, sometimes even as an extension of it. Typically she works with flexible materials which aid this special interaction and inspire her to push the boundaries of three dimensional soft structures.

Image 1 – Halfway through “panel stitch bangle” using hand cut panels of bicycle inner tubes.

Image 2 – My partner with a series of three rings on at once.

Image 3 – A page from my sketch book.

Image 4 – Studio space.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Example 1.

Artist Name: Justine Austen

County: Australia

Artist Statement/ Bio:

Justine Austen is both a jeweller and miniature sculpture artist. She is “fascinated with the way people communicate using body adornment and the identity they can create for themselves through a piece of jewellery”. Using precious metals, pearls, pyrite, jet, onyx, crystals and beads, Austen’s pieces are striking and individual in material and form. “I particularly enjoy the way each piece develops new meanings, other than those I have attached, through the wearer and the viewer of the piece once it has left my hands.” Over her years of making, Austen has explored the “symbolism and emotional attachment people give to jewellery… investing in her work a sense of history, a story, a hidden aspect that can be discovered.”

Image 1: The jeweller and her assistant Johnny Cash at the bench.

Image 2: Little Ed, named after friend and artist Ed Koumans, keeps watch over the bench.

Image 3: Sketches of wolpertinger and monsters.

Image 4: Oke, this monster causes the eerie sound of tap, tap, tapping on windows when his horns touch the glass. Sterling silver, moonstone, hematite, bone. 54mm H x 70mm W x 26mm D,

Justine Austen 09/05/2010

More info about Justine

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An Invitation to paticipate

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Please see below for an invitation to participate in re:production.

Feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be interested.

Adorning almost every surface of a room, re:production is an exhibition of roughly 500 images that document the practices of a diverse range of contemporary jewellery makers.

By removing the ‘end product’ of a work and displaying only the documentation in the form of a series of images, the viewer is given a different perspective from which to understand further the workings of contemporary jewellery practice.

Exhibition Dates: 3rd June - 29th June 2010

Location: Keeper Gallery @ gaffa, Sydney, Australia

Deadline: Thursday 20th May 2010

If you any questions please feel free to email

Cheers - Zoe